The Development of Problem Solving Skills Game!!!

By downloading this game you will be sure that your child will play a game of high quality and very entertaining, designed for his/her age, and will develop further problem-solving skills that could be used firstly in academic life, later on in professional and always in personal life.

Our games will be the games that children prefer to play because they will learn things that could be proud of, and have real fun!!!

OM:D Game Hero

Game Story

A young school-age boy avatar must defeat, the great math exercise dragon, in order to go to the “Whatever you want to do land”. The hero will pass a lot but at the end of the day, he will definitely be a winner. He must find alternatives ways to approach the problem, to create new ideas and rate them, must apply the new rules that he learns, to keep staying in focus, to be persistent to find a solution and not to give up easily, to analyze the risk he takes, to manage time and failure, and many more.

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This game is an adventurous and entertaining game diving into problem-solving knowledge. Aims to wake up children’s instincts, to further develop problem-solving skills with real up-to-date methodologies.

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